CrossFit OwnIt – OwnIt at Home


Metcon (Time)


Deck of Cards

Hearts = V-up (scale: tuck-ups)

Diamonds = Odd Object Deadlift

Clubs = Jumping Lunges (scale: lunge steps)

Spades = Ring or towel rows

ACE (any suit) = 5 Inverted burpees (hollow rock to handstand; scale to reverse burpee)

Using a deck of cards, complete the corresponding exercise for the suit and number on the card. For example, 10 of spades would be 10 ring or towel rows. Draw one card at a time. Complete the exercise before drawing the next card (Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13).

This workout is designed for two athletes, if you do it alone, split the deck in half, or use the whole thing if you’re up for a longer wod! If done as a pair, each athlete draws their own cards simultaneously. If one person draws an Ace, everyone stops where they are to do burpees.