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Bar Muscle-ups

Week 6 – Bar muscle-up progression

Bottom of ring dip stretch

Bully stretch

Then 2 rounds for quality:

10 Band lat pull-downs

10 Kipping swings, feet together – work up to hips to bar Kip swing if able

5 Delayed Kip swing off boxes – work up to hips to bar if able

For 7 minutes:

Scaled: work your way down to smallest band on Strict / Kipping pull-ups, work on top-of the-pull-up holds and negatives

Intermediate: work on bar muscle-up drills and work your way to the most challenging version you are able to get (jumping, bands, partner assisted, etc)

Rx: try this complex a few times or make up one of your own

1 kipping TTB

1 kipping pull-up

1 kipping CTB pull-up

1 bar muscle-up


Metcon (Time)


5 wall walks

15 Thrusters (95/65)

75 DU (2:1)