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What Makes CrossFit OwnIt Different?

Here at the “COI Pond”, our main objective is to increase the quality of your life – physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally. With hard work and consistency, you will find yourself much more fit and capable of tackling the various obstacles that life throws at you. Other benefits include improved sleep, increased self confidence, improved nutrition, expanded social circles…heck, you’re going to look better naked too.

When you walk through our door, you will notice a clear difference to any gym you have ever visited. We pride ourselves on providing an encouraging, non-intimidating atmosphere. At the COI Pond, you will see members ranging from 17 to 70 years young, all of which are working to become better, more vibrant individuals. We meet you at your current fitness level and provide the roadmap for your own personal fitness journey. You will quickly have a strong, motivated, fitness family of individuals that will help get you through anything.

Our members share a common passion for training hard and having fun. We host and participate in many events inside and outside of the gym – BBQs, movie nights, karaoke, mimosa brunches, formal dinners and more.

Our gym is led by 2 owners and a group of incredible coaches, holding many certifications in CrossFit, olympic weightlifting, fitness, and health. Each day, your only job is to show up, warm up, give the workout of the day (WOD) your best, and cool down. You have nothing to lose, as the first class is completely free. Come see our amazing staff, members, and facility for yourself. Let us help you be the person you see in yourself. Feel free to call or text COI leadership directly with any questions. 321-795-2703


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