Adaptive CrossFit

CrossFit can be performed by anyone, regardless of physical limitations. The central activity – the WOD (Workout of the Day) – starts as a prescribed workout (Rx), but every WOD can be adapted for ability or limitation. “Adaptive Athlete” is a term which includes people with many types of physical or neurological disorders, strokes, amputees, wheelchair users and other types of long term injuries that leave people unable to compete in the able bodied versions of a sport. At CrossFit OwnIt, we provide the additional support necessary for these athletes to meet their individual goals – from Adaptive CrossFit certified coaching, to adaptive devices required for various movements, to most importantly, a supportive community of like-minded individuals relentlessly cheering their peers.

Some of the impairments that CrossFit OwnIt has encountered in our own adaptive athletes include left frontal lobe infarction (stroke), drop foot, disc ruptures, vision impairments, open heart bypass (4 vessel), thoracotomy with superior segmental lobectomy, and various injuries to knee and shoulder ligaments/tendons.

Regardless of your age, physical condition, or impairments, CrossFit OwnIt has the resources for you to progress and live a more vibrant and active life.

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