Congrats Julia Pontones for being selected for COI’s April Athlete of the Month. She has been doing Crossfit for one year at Crossfit OwnIt. Julia equally loves barbell thrusters and squat cleans. Her least favorite movement is the snatch, only because it’s a difficult movement for the time being. Julia loves the intensity and drive of the workouts. Crossfit pushes her to get past her physical and mental challenges everyday. Julia enjoys the process of working out to become stronger and more efficient in all movements. She loves that ‪at 7am classes‬ there are familiar faces working alongside of her to accomplish really challenging workouts. The support of the community has helped her get through the day and be a better person in life. The coaches and other athletes give her inspiration and encouragement. She can’t thank everyone enough! She has become more athletic than I’ve ever before, thanks to the great coaching team at COI. This year, Julia’s goals are to master handstand push-ups, toes-to-bar and the snatching technique! Congrats again Julia! We are so proud of you!