CrossFit – Wed, Aug 2


CrossFit – Wed, Aug 2

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Rope Climb

Week 3

2-3 rounds (15 min):

20 sec Hang from pull-up bar while doing strict and slow knee raises / knees to armpits / knees to elbows (alternate grip each round)

20 sec Hang from rope with straight arms

scale: hang with feet on the ground

scale up: 20 sec strict pull-ups on rope

5 Box drill – ā€œSā€ or ā€œJā€ method + stand (Rx: do footwork from standing and get as high as possible in ONE pull)

*people comfortable with footwork should do these without looking at feet; make sure all weight is held by feet and not by the arms


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

20 minute Alt EMOM

14/12 calorie bike

1-2 rope climbs or 3-4 rope to stand

14/12 calorie row

30 single cross overs/30 DU/50 SU


Metcon (Time)

Run club at 4:30pm

400 m warm up

1 mile run @ 1 min over mile pace or threshold pace

Directly into a

200 m walk

X 3 (no rest)

400 m cool down