Congratulations to Juan Parra-Newton for receiving February Athlete Of The Month! Juan has been doing CrossFit for 2 years and 1 month. When he first started, he remembered thinking he may be better at a lot of movements because he played football, however, felt he got humbled very quickly after realizing how tough and brutal the workouts were. Juan feels in CrossFit he found the combination of what he is most passionate about. Such as, working out, helping people get better, compete, and seeing the outcome of the work you put in.
His current training goals are to prepare to be an elite athlete. He hopes to compete at Bacon Beatdown and Wodapalooza and God willing the CrossFit Games one day!
His favorite part about the gym is the community. Juan enjoys working hard along side people who genuinely want to get better and like to push themselves. Juan’s favorite cheat meal is basically any greasy fatty type of food! 😋. Not many people know this about Juan, but he plays the acoustic guitar and loves listening to hardcore Christian Metal music! Juan’s best advice to someone just starting CrossFit is to stick with it and always work hard. He believes that suffering produces perseverance, and perseverance produces character. He feels that as long as you put the work in, it will never be in vain. We are so proud of you Juan and we feel lucky to have such a hard working, supportive, inspiring, and encouraging guy like you at our gym! Keep working hard.