March 2020 CrossFit OwnIt Athlete of the Month – Alex

lex Ratcliff has been doing CrossFit at COI for 7 months when started in September 2019. Her favorite movements are any squat variation, but definitely back squats. She also likes lunges and push press. Alex’s least favorite movements are burpees & thrusters. CrossFit pushes and challenges Alex physically and mentally. She also enjoys it as a great stress reliever. Alex loves COI for the amazing community of people who are super motivating. From day one, the people at CrossFit OwnIt have been so welcoming and she’s felt more motivated to work out than ever before. She looks forward to going each day to do the WOD and pushing herself to achieve new goals. One of her favorite things about the gym are the coaches. Each coach makes sure the movements are being done correctly and the coaches are willing to help. Even during this uncertain time in all our lives, the coaches are doing everything they can to help keep us all motivated and accountable. She doesn’t know any other gym that would go to the lengths they go to in order to help out their members. COI is totally different from any other gym, and she loves that! Congrats Alex! We are so proud of you!