Personal Training

Personal Training In Melbourne, Florida

Personal Training at CrossFit OwnIt is offered by a select group of coaches. They are a highly certified group, proficient in various types of exercise methodologies, and hold a diverse collection of certifications, including CrossFit Level 2 Trainer all the way up to a CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CCFT). Each coach also has special certifications ranging from “USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach” to “Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness: Physiology, Biomechanics, and Programming”, and many unique certifications in addition!. They can cover a broad range of training needs from clients who a new to physical exercise to accomplished athletes who want to improve their performance and competitive skills. Common focus areas for Personal Training sessions at OwnIt are muscle gain/fat loss, general physical preparedness, basic training/military fitness tests, sport specific training, Olympic weightlifting, strength, endurance, gymnastics, and mobility.

Personal Training is also a great option if your schedule prevents you from regular class participation, you desire more individualized attention, or if you prefer to not work out in a group setting.

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