CrossFit OwnIt – OwnIt at Home


Metcon (Time)

Tuesday wod:


2 min cardio

PT / LS / GM

Sampson stretch

2 rounds of:

10 Ring / towel rows

10 L / 10 R 1-arm OHS

10 Lunge steps

Practice lunge variations

1 object: Hang, Shoulder, Overhead

2 object: Hang, Shoulder, Overhead

2 object, varied*: Hang + Shoulder, Hang + OH, Shoulder + OH

*if you have different weights, put heavier object in easier position (Hang < Shoulder < Overhead) 5 rounds of:
20 Steps weighted walking lunge*

10 L / 10 R Bent-over row

*Vary your carry! Experiment with different types of lunges, use different weights, and try odd objects. When using varied arm positions, switch sides after 10 steps.

**Remember: If you have mis-matched weights, place the heavier object on the EASIER side.

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