Congratulations to Caty Harris for receiving August Athlete Of The Month! We are so proud of you and all the hard work you continue to put in!

Caty has been doing CrossFit for about 11 months. The first day she came to OwnIt she felt very nervous and intimidated. She thought only crazy people did CrossFit.

However, it was recommended to her as something she might love, so she gave it a shot. She had never done any of the lifts or a CrossFit class before but after that first class she felt at home! Today she feels much stronger, more confident and proud of herself. Her current training goals are to consistently RX workouts, as she has only completed maybe 2-3 RX. Her favorite part of being a part of OwnIt would definitely be the community. From the owners, coaches, regulars and even to the new member next to you there is constant encouragement, support and compassion! Caty feels that OwnIt has been a community like no other she has ever experienced before.

Her favorite cheat meal would be anything sweet! A couple things people may not know about Caty is that she is a former level 8 competitive gymnast, danced through high school, college, and for several semi-pro sporting teams! She is now a stay at home mom to 3 children.

Caty’s advice to someone just starting CrossFit would be to just keep showing up. It takes time to learn skills and build weight but if you keep showing up it all comes together!

We feel incredibly lucky to have such an awesome, strong, and encouraging member like you a part of the gym! Keep up the hard work Caty!

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