Congratulations to Ely Kassner for receiving July Athlete Of The Month! We are so proud of you Ely and feel incredibly lucky to have such a hard working, kind, and supportive person like you at COI!

Ely has been doing CrossFit for about 7 years. His first day of CrossFit felt really tough and that made it undesirable for him back then. Nowadays, he has grown to appreciate how much stronger he has become and how much healthier he feels through CrossFit (though he believes that goes hand-in-hand with a good diet).

Ely’s current training goal is to be more consistent with making it to the gym 5-6 times a week.

His favorite part about COI are the coaches! He feels the support and encouragement from each coach at COI every time he walks into the gym.

His favorite cheat meal is sushi/sashimi but doesn’t really consider it a true “cheat meal.”

Florida is the second state Ely has lived in, but not many people know the U.S. is the third country he has lived in!

Ely’s best advice to someone just starting CrossFit is to stick with it! He says “ I know it can be tough to get started, commit yourself to continuing, and fit into the community, but in my experience, this is a great way to get stronger and boost your health. My advice is that you should absolutely continue to do it, CrossFit is most definitely worth your time and energy!”

We are so proud of you Ely! Congratulations buddy. Keep up the awesome work! We love to see you in the gym pushing yourself.

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