Congratulations to Garrett Davis for being selected for COI’s September Athlete of the Month! Garrett stumbled across the parking lot of a CrossFit gym 10 years ago, decided to try it out, and has been sticking with it ever since! Garrett’s overall fitness goals are to continue to stay healthy and be able to do CrossFit long term. His favorite part about CrossFit OwnIt is the fact that he gets to see all of his friends, spend time with them, and continue to get in better shape each day. He loves a good cheat meal that consists of wings and beer, and a fun fact about Garrett that not many know is that he can wiggle his ears. His best advice to someone trying CrossFit for the first time would be to make sure you build a solid foundation before you start going up in weight and to always be smart. We are so proud of all the hard work Garrett continually puts in each day and we are honored to have him a member of our gym! Congrats Garrett!