Congratulations to Paul for receiving September Athlete Of The Month! We are so proud of you Paul and all the hard work you continue to put in!

Paul started CrossFit in a PE class at Auburn in 2014. Then picked it back up in 2016 once he finished out senior design / engineering school. So that makes 5 years.

On Paul’s first day of trying out CrossFit, he was nervous because of all the bad rap you hear about CrossFit and injuring yourself. However, he now knows and understands when it is time to listen to his body and when to scale appropriately.

Pauls current training goals are to have consistent double unders, t2b, kipping pull-ups; a muscle up; squat 350+, DL 425+, & have better technique & strength on the snatch!

Pauls favorite part about CrossFit Own It are the people. He feels the community at COI is like a family to him. He feels that the people and community at COI helped him personally with the mental side of things when moving here at the beginning of the Covid pandemic in 2020.

Pauls favorite cheat meal is chimichangas with rice & beans! But also can’t forget the chips & queso!

Not many people know this about Paul, but one summer, he was a part of 3 movies filmed out of Mobile, AL. Two of which were on Netflix!

Pauls best advice to someone just starting CrossFit is to show up, be open minded about critiques from coaches / peers on form or a skill, and be consistent! You will see results and have a great time doing it!

Congratulations Paul. We are so proud of you and feel so fortunate to have such an awesome, motivating, funny, and supportive member like you at the gym. Keep up the great work bud!