August 2019 CrossFit OwnIt Athlete of the Month – Abby and Bryan

Congrats Abby and Bryan LaLonde for being selected for COI’s August Athletes of the Month. They have been doing CrossFit for 3 years and started at COI 1 year ago. Bryan’s favorite movement is the thruster, while Abby’s favorite movement in workouts are deadlifts. The snatch is the least favorite movement for the couple. Bryan and Abby have always gone to the gym together, ever since they were teens. They like to keep active and CrossFit challenges them in so many ways. Abby and Bryan like the athletes and coaches, they are encouraging and always challenging them to be better athletes. Abby’s goal is to do double unders without flying against the wall. (Also so Courtney doesn’t give me a weird look). Bryan’s goal is to start muscle ups in workouts. We are so proud of you both Abby and Bryan! You guys are truly #couplegoals. Congrats again!