December 2019 CrossFit OwnIt Athlete of the Month – Rich

Congrats Rich Condon for being selected for COI’s December Athlete of the Month. Rich has been doing CrossFit for the last 12 months when he started at COI. “I was nearing my 40th birthday and finally tried one class. I loved it. My only regret is not joining sooner”. Rich’s favorite movement is deadlifts, his least to favorite movement is double unders (for now). Crossfit allows Rich to push his personal limits every day in an encouraging environment. He loves the programming, the soundtrack, the other members, and the coaches that “teach this old dog new tricks”. Rich’s goals include getting consistent with double unders, beating last year’s CrossFit Open scores, and “tightening his snatch”. “For one hour a day I get to challenge myself physically and mentally. There’s a feeling of accomplishment that sets the tone for my day and carries over to the rest of my life”. Congrats Rich! We are so proud!