Congratulations to David Golden for being selected for COI’s November Athlete of the Month! David has been doing CrossFit on and off for 6 years but has been consistently attending ever since he joined COI, sometimes attending 2-3 classes per day. During his first workout, he remembers thinking “that’s it?” before the workout and then getting muscle cramps in the warm up before he started the WOD. David has learned to respect every workout, even the “easy” looking ones, before he gets started and actually thinks how he should attack the workout and have a game plan instead of jumping in head first!
David’s current training goals are to have a clean over 300lbs and a snatch over 245lbs. He would like to become more comfortable with all the skill work he still feels he needs to improve on, such as: rope climbs, handstand walks, and all pull-up bar work.
David’s favorite part about COI is by far the people, including the staff! His favorite cheat meal is 6+ tacos and beer, or Reese’s if we’re getting fancy! David and his fiancé are getting married in 2 months and should be moving closer to the gym. David’s best advice to someone just starting CrossFit would be to keep coming back everyday, talk to people, join the community and take part in whatever extracurriculars the box may have! We are so proud of you David and we feel incredibly lucky to have you as a part of our gym! Keep up the great work!