Congratulations to Linda Anderson (AKA Momma bear) on receiving December Athlete Of The Month! We are so proud of you and all the hard work you put in every day at the gym! Linda has been CrossFitting for 2 1/2 years. She first saw the results of CrossFit and the love for the COI Community in her daughter, Amanda. Linda has been active over the years but was looking for a new challenge and wanted to try something different.
Her first day at CrossFit, she thought she must be out of her mind to think that a 60-something year-old woman could do CrossFit! In the beginning, Linda felt she had to battle those thoughts often, but she feels that the coaches and the COI Community encouraged her on, every step of the way. Linda is filled with pride when the coach says, “Your form is ‘spot-on’, when she reaches a new PR, and when her daughter says she’s proud of her.
Linda’s favorite part of CrossFit is weightlifting… she absolutely loves it! Her favorite cheat meal is pizza and most people don’t know this, but she has 4 children and 19 grandchildren!
Linda’s best advice to someone just starting CrossFit is to stick with it!… ask questions…utilize the coaches.. and to draw from the strength of the COI Community. She feels everyone at COI are the most caring, loving people that she knows. Linda believes that with CrossFit, you can achieve the best ‘you’ at any age!!! We are so proud of you Linda and we feel so lucky to have you be apart of the COI Community!